That cat was fat , very fat 。 That man was big , just big 。 He was not tall 。None of them both was :neither the cat nor the man 。 Cats can ’ t be tall , can they?  Men can 。

This was a half a day ago 。 The Sun over London shone through the white cloudy cover 。Spring felt few steps closer 。 The day was not defined by anything yet 。Zero experience of nothing , the scale was neutral 。

Not on the main street , no 。 The walk I walk is on the backstage streets of the central London’s main retail scene。 And there they both were 。 He sat and he stood。

The one who stood was not the cat but the man 。 The cat was the one who sat but not stood 。

The cat was the eyecatcher 。This pet was fat 。He was lovely fat 。 This level of fatness would destroy any other cat 。 Not him 。 It must have been  him 。 Subjectively thought he felt like a male Felis catus* 。

Black , dark brown and white was his fur 。

This heavy fluff was not tough 。 He wasn ’ t grumpy either。 His wide green and clear eyes were full of love and affection towards his big man 。He was trying to catch his eyes。I was trying not to destruct their connection by walking by 。

They both were friends 。 I saw it in the cat ’ s eyes 。 They both knew each other for a solid glance of time 。 This was what cat ’ s look mirrored back from his mind 。

The man was a little bit tougher 。 Humans are usually tougher  because of suppressed naturalism  comparing to animals 。 The man stood wearing dark green clothes 。 Either was it his jumper or his throusers 。 My walk was light and fast – not memorized detail 。 He had the same body shape as his cat did 。 A similar one 。 Still it was very the same type their bodies looked like 。 They must have been living many years together 。A certain lifestyle we say nowadays 。

He the Man was around sixty years old 。 He the Cat was in his middle age 。 The Cat was a very comfortable being 。 He radiated all the comfort these two souls shared with each other 。 He  loved his Man 。 He looked up and saw the man with the eyes of a-freshly-fallen-in-love-person 。Like dogs usually do 。The cat was in his dog mood 。 This was their pet-owner-love 。 This was their trust。 This was their belonging to each other 。

The Man stood with his eyes in the direction of four blocks ahead of him 。 This is  Londoner ’ s basic look – in nowhere。 In nowhere because people around feel so close even when they are distanced , in London 。 He saw me that I saw him that he saw me 。 But the Cat didn’t 。

The Cat was not there to keep his face straight 。 He just was 。 He was there for him 。 For him who was his carer , his attachment figure 。 The Cat showed  all the love they both had for each other 。 He were there in the doorway sitting on the dark green tiled floor 。 The energy and colors played high together。 It was a rustic composition 。

44lb of love and affection is unforgettably saved for being recalled when a smile is    needed 。 Imagine this too!

And they were high , so high on their cat-love-cloud 。


* cat (Latin)







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