-Let’s say we work together

Suppose we walk together

Maybe we simply stand next to each other

We may be lovers


In every of those millions of possible scenarios

I beg you not to be delirious

Please stay in your zone and leave peaceful doves alone

Every small irritation and they‘re gone


Kill your vibe if it is not right

Nobody deserves going through your inner personal fight

Dim bad energies whenever you approach

Trust me not me but you are your own coach


Discipline is where your mind should be daily in

The best trend is to wear it is right under your skin

Keep it healthy even if you are Human the Wealthy

If not and you are bit broke I swear this is a VIP self-help, no joke

High self-control and regulation of own thought

Is what everyone should practice in the first place a lot

The way you articulate your ideas & Co.

Should not hurt yourself, not them, not me at all

What a surprise when emotionally polite kids arise

They got manners that some adults barely can franchise

From 0 to age of 99 so many get faked up, I apologize

You dears need to re-check your mental supply

Discipline for the brain is like flower and rain

Your talk interacts with your walk

I can tell by your moves you gonna throw some excessive shock

Not me, not them, no one pre-ordered at the door this knock-knock

Do you ever knock-knock?

No, no。 You just drop your mental perversity like a walkie-talkie-talk

The all around coolness damages  your perception around the clock

So congratulations, hun ! It gets you into a huge unorganized stock

You good to them, they good to you, great discipline, great view

Politeness and kindness : this is so timeless,  so priceless

Let’s be as nice as we can be ! Not ‘cuz they taught us so to be

For you, for me, for them around is the reason we live disciplined, bun





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