triple : light, sun & trust in higher

3 times 3 times to make it right

4th time to stay alive

1, 2, 3 sessions of obsession

 all of different plot and type

but still tied,close and tight

characteristically : 100 below 0 Fahrenheit

they catch and lead

you believe,adore and feed

no self energy in them indeed

is it good air you breathe?

you think  since it fools like a breeze

illusion, please sneeze!

big mouth,big words, long talks

to wash some brain that rocks

them brainwashed lose their vox

not strong,not cool, just chilly

not chilli but more like chilly willie

watch closely to see it clearly

chain, cage, manipulation

bright heads get used to this sensation

spending their lives in obligation

 people in powerful obsession

in the trap of  deep depression

they got you by of your mind suppression

light, sun and trust in higher

is what my friend you should hire

to stay alife and backfire that liar


I dream to see the light

to write my love from my inside

there is no light, there is no air

if the oxygen is not cut from them。 Take care! (4)

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