The beginning of 2017 in Hamburg, Germany。 It brings another meeting with COOPER COPTER – Ranil, Frederick and their team 。

Passion is COOPER COPTER’S fashion。 Dedication and excitement have brought them to who they are – drone constructors and visuals’ makers。 Air is the place to be。 One of their recent projects is  a colorful canvas on the famous Reeperbahn in Hamburg。 It is an eye catcher。 This turned into a surprise after the COOPTERCOPTERs said it was their art piece。Click and see it here :  COOPER COPTER WALL

We caught some insight from the CC’s Headquarters in Hamburg and brought it to you in the VID。 Sweets, coffee & talks about drones and the film industry were on。

That was fun and that was highly fly   ོ。

Thanks for having us。


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