The beginning of 2017 in Hamburg, Germany。 It brings another meeting with COOPER COPTER – Ranil, Frederick and their team 。

Passion is COOPER COPTER’S fashion。 Dedication and excitement have brought them to who they are – drone constructors and visuals’ makers。 Air is the place to be。 One of their recent projects is  a colorful canvas on the famous Reeperbahn in Hamburg。 It is an eye catcher。 This turned into a surprise after the COOPTERCOPTERs said it was their art piece。Click and see it here :  COOPER COPTER WALL

We caught some insight from the CC’s Headquarters in Hamburg and brought it to you in the VID。 Sweets, coffee & talks about drones and the film industry were on。

That was fun and that was highly fly   ོ。

Thanks for having us。






It is 7 years from now she said she has to do it。 To switch on the radio when she is awake in order not to go crazy。
There was never clear sense behind this action。All of these years there were a need to find it out。 After spending time with someone who seems to have difficulties just to remain silent and after being around people who need to talk non-stop the question “why” arised。
This ‘WHY’ was adressed to a friend DR. Beier who gave a light insight into ‘ why we can’t stand the silence’. Her answer is in the VID。

Silence is productive and beautiful。 It gives clarity and keeps us all away from what is senseless。

In another words  : shut the fun up with your nonsense about food and all the rest which is understandable。 We understand you without words through observation。




I stayed true to myself is what Sina told me during my visit in Milan。
There are not many of us who can say it and who really have done it。 Not many have stayed strong without bending from the weight of what beautiful life puts on ones shoulders。Low or high。

Milan was fun, so were we。 Click on the VID and see us – simply us – and all around us。
Stay true to yourself , otherwise we don’t talk to you。
Purest respect & Love out!
Sina’s Insta:


Talks around Maître Chox LONDON


Right sugar. Do we agree on that? Inside and around us this time. London’s sugar is ours this time. We are London’s sugar too. Most of the time. Everyone can be it too. Visit Maître Chox to open your eyes on elevated eclairs on all levels.

This is Юля [July]. This Miss is your host today on OHIGHLIFE treats section. What no one will see is the taste of the eclairs. So good it was, we were in the moment. We promise! O!



Don’t get it twisted

Baby , get it twisted

For your sake ,  get it twisted

Dont resist it。


All we see is other way around

All the year is twisted way around

To stay here alive and around

Play few more hard rounds


Zoom in baby ,  you’ll see

It doesn’t matter on me

They say it’s faulty

Maybe them and not me, at least for me


She is a hardcore soul-bitch

Have you seen her depth ?

Which if you had, would tear you apart

Her heart would hug you and warm you up


They are lazy doers

Have you seen their dedication , you clueless?

If you recognize , they build it up

They would follow you all the way up

Don’t get it twisted

Baby ,  get it twisted

For your sake get it twisted

Dont resist it。


All what is here , is there , not here

What we see is twisted ,miss it

Bad,bad,bad is good, good, good

Unwrap it,taste it, ask God


Black is white and other way around

Being nice is a tricky trap

Being real and rude is THE deal, still doubts ?

You don’t fuck around,I don‘t fuck around

Masks is what keeps us alive

Strong,confident, vulgar we are

Underneath broken plus a soft heart

So sorry for ya soul damage girl, boy, lady and gent


I feel you, please feel me

Let’s together deal with it

Pink soup bubbles : lets blow it up

And get twisted always when we have doubts


Don’t get it twisted

Baby,get it twisted

For your sake get it twisted

Dont resist it。


You strong,you broken

You happy, you deeply heartbroken

You rich,you only on paper golden

Emotionally you broken,it seems to me so often

Those girls are covered

Not ‘cuz they are abused

Protection is to be accused

Godlike beauty behind the veil, you confused? Wallah


Today we live like we know,like we can

You keep it low, I keep it low

You burn it up, I blow it up

Let’s twist it around and ask what’s up。

Don’t get it twisted

Baby, get it twisted

For your sake, get it twisted

Dont resist it

 All fucking twisted。

Ban boxes, we out。